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  • To provide careers education, information, advice and guidance

  • To help develop a sense of self-awareness and motivation, to enable pupils to investigate the career options available


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Key Stage 3

In years 8, 9 and 10, CEIAG is delivered as part of the Learning for Life and Work programme. All pupils receive 1 employability class per week, with additional time allocated in year 10 to ensure that pupils are appropriately prepared to make their GCSE option choices in the spring term.

Key Stage 4

All Year 11 Careers classes follow a GCSE level course, which provides opportunities to understand and develop employability skills. This is either GCSE Learning for Life and Work or BTEC Public Services. In addition, all year 11 pupils have Careers classes, with year 12 pupils compiling the progress file portfolio, which they receive at the end of year 12.

Careers Service NI Interviews

All year 12 pupils receive a personal career planning interview with a member of the Careers Service team. This very beneficial service ensures that all pupils receive impartial and up to date advice about the current labour market. For more information see

Post 16

Year 13 pupils follow a programme to develop personal presentation skills, including; completion of application forms, the creation of their curriculum vitae and interview technique. Additional activities include employability skills development workshops, mock interviews and a period of work shadowing.

All year 14 pupils complete the University and College Application System (UCAS). This process includes visits to Queen’s and Ulster University open days and the subsequent research into the university courses. Applications are also made to local further education establishments including Belfast Metropolitan College and Northern Regional College.

University Applications


Further Education Applications

Belfast Metropolitan College

Northern Regional College

Access to Careers Information

Outside the classroom, career information is available in the school library, in the careers library and through the use of the Job Explorer Database (JED), which is available to every pupil on any school computer. This software gives pupils the opportunity to investigate possible appropriate career options available to them through a range of aptitude and self-assessment tests. It has information on 815 jobs (over 2200 career titles) presented in a clear and lively way that students of all abilities can understand.

Partner organisations

The Belfast Boys’ Model CEIAG Department works in partnership with other organisations to ensure that the careers education programme is engaging and innovative. These partners deliver a range of interactive and exciting workshops to ensure that pupils in all key stages have the information they need to make appropriate decisions related to their Personal Career planning.

Examples of additional activities:

  • Key stage 3 – Welcome to Big School

  • Labour Market Trends

  • Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM)workshops

Key Stage 4 Study Skills

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Preparation for Job Application Post -16 Options

  • Post 16 Interview Technique

  • Labour market information

  • Producing a CV

Additional Information

If you require additional information regarding the CEIAG programme in Belfast Boys’ Model School, contact Mr Jonny Smith (email).

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