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Government and Politics


  • To develop knowledge and understanding about political power, parties and systems

  • To understand how government works in various countries

  • To compare systems of government across the globe

  • To understand how power is used in contemporary society


Mrs Blair
Mr Carlisle
Mrs McDowell


Pupils will study CCEA Government and Politics.

In Year 11 they study, “Democracy in Action”. Pupils complete an exam at the end of Year 11, worth 50% of the overall mark.

In Year 12, pupils study, “International Politics in Action” and complete an exam at the end of the year, worth 50%.

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GCE A-Level - CCEA, 100% exam:

  • AS Module 1: The Government and Politics of Northern Ireland

  • AS Module 2: The British Political Process

  • A2 Module 1: Comparative Government UK/USA

  • A2 Module 2: Political Power

Skills Developed

  • Research, analysis and critical awareness

  • Developing, constructing and defending an argument

  • Working independently and self-management

  • Debate

  • Handling information

  • Communication and presentation

  • Working with others to achieve common goals

  • Ability to understand complex concepts

  • IT


  • Marketing

  • Civil Service

  • Journalism

  • Law

  • Media

  • Sales

  • Management (Public and Private Sector)

  • Banking

  • Entertainment and Leisure

  • Diplomatic Service

  • Transport Management

  • Public Relations and Communications

  • Housing

  • Armed Services

  • Social Work

  • Political and Charitable Organizations

  • Teaching in School, FE and HE