Belfast Boys' Model Bursary Fund

 R A Logan, Principal

Belfast Boys’ Model School has a long and proud tradition of providing educational opportunities for young men in north and west Belfast.  The school now occupies superb new facilities on the Ballysillan Road and has a steady enrolment of almost 1,000 pupils. There is a clear focus in the school on raising the aspirations and achievements of our pupils and evidence of success in this can be seen in the increasing numbers of boys who are applying successfully for university places.

Year on year, past pupils have made their way into successful and rewarding careers in a wide range of professions, in public service and in commerce, not only in Northern Ireland, but around the world.

It is hugely significant to the school community that past pupils who have enjoyed success in their chosen fields and who feel a sense of gratitude to the school, should set up a Bursary Fund which will encourage and support young men who may be destined to follow in their footsteps.  Many of these pupils experience barriers to fulfilling their ambitions to take up university places and these generous bursaries will make a real difference to the life chances of many through the years ahead.

It is with a great sense of appreciation that I commend and endorse the work and generosity of all those involved in bringing the Boys’ Model Bursary Fund into being.

R A Logan