Harmony North - Still

On Monday 11th December, 11 boys joined with singers from Girls' Model, Hazelwood College, Mercy College, Edmund Rice College and Trinity College to perform the song "Still" for a BBC recording to be aired at the end of Newsline next week.  The venue was Duncairn Arts centre, which made a beautiful back drop for the recording.  This was a great experience for all pupils involved as they were able to see all the work involved in making a musical recording for the television.  After lots of rehearsing and a number of 'takes', everyone was happy with the final performance!!

The boys involved were Marcus McCullough, Aaron Nutt, Curtis Stewart, Jordan Glasgow, Justin Devlin, Glenn Doherty, Daniel McCalmont, John Parke, Lewis Lavery, Brandon Bradford and Jackson Allen.

The Harmony North performance of 'Still' will be aired on Friday 22nd December at the end of BBC Newsline.