Ulster-Scots Agency Launches New Ingenious Ulster Science Roadshow

A new science roadshow for schools which encourages pupils to engage with science by learning about famous Ulster-Scots scientists and inventors has been launched by the Ulster-Scots Agency.

Through the Ingenious Ulster Science Roadshow pupils at 57 schools will have a fun and interactive opportunity to learn about science by participating in experiments which explain the science behind the inventions of famous Ulster-Scots like Harry Ferguson and John Dunlop; and the discoveries of William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, who was the greatest British scientist of the 19th Century.

Ulster-Scots Agency Chief Executive Ian Crozier said, “Ulster-Scots have made an enormous contribution to the development of the modern world through science and innovation.  This is something that we should all be proud of and it is important that children should learn about these great Ulster-Scots and be inspired by them.”

“This project is the Ulster-Scots Agency’s latest initiative to show how Ulster-Scots can play an important part in the delivery of the curriculum in a range of subjects and we look forward to working with colleagues in the education system to see how this and similar successful programmes can be rolled out across the country.”

Science 2 Life, also known as Scientific Sue, has been commissioned to deliver the programme.  Sue is dynamic and innovative in her approach to teaching as she endeavours to make STEM teaching simple, real and relevant to the modern world today.  Sue has a vast experience of teaching science world-wide to young and old.  Previously Sue was awarded the Guinness world record as teacher of the largest practical science class!