On Thursday the 25th of January MindSight had the pleasure of being invited along to the Young Enterprise "Mid Year Briefing event" at Stranmillis College. The experience was great, packed full of great info to help us over the next few weeks and months moving forward.

The MindSight Team have already begun making changes following the feedback the judges and YE team gave us, which was fantastic and of course planning those all important final reports, but definitely not the finale of MindSight. After the mock judging and YE workshops we were treated to a talk with Matthew from "Best Of Belfast" a fantastic podcast producer, showcasing local areas and businesses in Northern Ireland. Matthew himself is a former Young Enterprise participator and it was amazing to hear what has changed and his journey with the program to where he has progressed now.

After the event some of the Team got a photo with Matthew. Matthew is now part of the YE Alumni Network and has a  great set of tips to help the YE students of today in their journey. 

Check out Best Of Belfast here  

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The 1st of February was national Time To Talk Day, and Year 13 pupils from the Young Enterprise group “MindSight” where at the centre of the campaign here in Northern Ireland along with their partners “Inspire” & “Change Your Mind”.  A huge amount of people helped make it a success. Including a consortium of businesses and personality stars that took part throughout the day from all across the country and the UK. Inspire & Change Your Mind have made this brilliant video below to showcase some of the work here in Northern Ireland.

Through the efforts of MindSight, Inspire, Change Your Mind and friends they helped make Time To Talk Day the number one trending topic in Northern Ireland and the whole of the UK on Twitter. Throughout the day MindSight’s promotional videos remained in the Northern Ireland top trending list and even trending UK wide. Check out the promotional videos below as well as their social media links.

“Time To Talk Day was a phenomenal day, it was great to see everyone get involved and for the first time in Northern Ireland too. As a Change Your Mind Champion I’m incredibly proud of everything that Time To Talk Day is based on. More people must get the message that “it’s ok to talk. Anytime! Anywhere!” Yesterday was a great example of what we can all do when we come together.” 

Lewis Robinson (Marketing Director)

The MindSight Team would like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who got involved, but let’s not make it just one day, Time To Talk Day is everyday!

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