The Big Bang!


Pupils from 4 of our partner Primary Schools were given the opportunity to showcase their skills in the first annual science fair in Boys Model. Glenwood, Currie, Forthriver and Blackmountain schools all benefited from 15 weeks of specialist science teaching from Mrs Hawthorne and Miss Toner in their own classrooms. The pupils got to investigate and carry out a number of experiments while learning how to structure a full scientific investigation.

They were let loose to demonstrate what they had learned by carrying out and reporting on their own investigations. Judges from the world of science, industry and reality TV were tasked with awarding prizes that were sponsored by the Institute of Physics, Q Radio and Bank of Ireland were awarded to winners in each school and the overall winner pocketed one hundred pounds!

There was coverage on BBC Newline on the day and NVTV Focal Point on 26th April to mark the event.

Mrs Hawthorne and Miss Toner are looking forward to working with four new schools in September.