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Sixth Form Admissions

Entry Criteria


Grade A*= 8 Points
Grade A = 7 Points
Grade B = 6 Points
Grade C = 5 Points
Grade D = 4 Points
Grade E = 3 Points
Grade F = 2 Points
Grade G = 1 Point

Collect your GCSE results in August and if you have achieved more than 14/24 points and a good behaviour, attendance and punctuality record, you make an appointment on this day for a return to school interview. Parents are required to attend this appointment with you, to be involved in and informed of subject choices, and to sign the Senior School Contract.

We welcome applications for entry into Senior School from students from other schools if:

1. They are able to fulfill the admissions criteria

2. Appropriate places are available within our admission numbers. Year 12 students from Belfast Boys’ Model School and who have met the entry criteria, will have first preference if admissions are oversubscribed.

Students from other schools interested in joining BBMS Senior School, should also make an appointment and bring a copy of their two most recent school reports, as well as a written reference from their previous school, commenting on academic ability, attendance, punctuality, behaviour and any extra curricular involvement. This should be from either a Head of Year and counter signed by VP/ Principal, or written by a VP/Principal. Please bring all qualification certificates and birth certificate to the interview.

Sixth Formers working
Sixth Formers working

Pathways and Progression

Sixth Form students in the kitchen

There are two pathways on offer in Year 13.  Each pathway offers courses with real progression routes and proven success. Both offer GCSE Maths and English timetabled re-sits if required, as well as Careers classes, Private Study and Common Room periods in the Sixth Form Centre.


One Year Level 2 Pathway GCSE (or equivalent)

14 points from best 5 subjects and at least a Grade E in GCSE Maths and at least a Grade E in GCSE English.

For students with 14 points, one-year courses provide a Level 2 pathway to attaining additional GCSEs and the opportunity to bridge their attainment in Year 12 and provide a year of specialising in two subject areas, to prepare them for our 2 year, Level 3 pathway, or for further education, training, or employment.

The one-year pathway subjects we wish to offer this year include ICT and Travel and Tourism.

Two Year Level 3 Pathway (3 A Levels, or equivalents)

24 points from best 5 subjects - at least Grade E in GCSE Maths AND at least Grade E in GCSE English.

Students select 3 subjects from a range of A Level or A Level equivalent courses, some of which are equivalent to 2 A Levels (Double Award) and follow these courses for 2 years. 



All Level 3 courses offer direct progression to university

A Levels and BTEC Level 3 Diplomas and Subsidiary Diplomas are equally recognised by UCAS and are equivalent in UCAS Tariff points. We recommend that you check the entry criteria for specific courses of interest before selecting your Year 13 options, as some courses ask for specific subjects, qualification types, GCSE, AS/A2 grades. Up-to-date information is available on university and UCAS websites. The UCAS Get Started button provides provides links to a number of helpful information resources that you may find helpful.

This choice is widened further through our consortium partner Belfast Model School for Girls (BMSG) and the Area Learning Community (ALC). BMSG choices are offered to pupils with 30+ points. 

A Levels

BTEC Level 3 Diplomas  & Subsidiary Diplomas

Cambridge Technicals


Securing Success

Subject staff are dedicated to developing students’ learning outside the classroom. They all seek to make learning real and engaging for our students, with Politics trips to Stormont, the annual History trip to Dublin, Media trips to the QFT, artist visits and trips to galleries, and Travel & Tourism study trips to hotels and tourist attractions. Furthermore, ICT students enjoy participation in sector-sponsored competitions, while Engineering students benefit from the expertise of a business mentor.

Each year our Senior School’s success is recognised at our Senior School Prize Day, where our current and past students gather to be recognised for their achievements in GCSEs, A Level Study and to receive their Honours and Colours.

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Positive and Purposeful

Characterising Senior School at Belfast Boys’ Model School, are the positive relationships and strong team spirit where aspiration and achievement underpin all of our work. This is enabled by a comprehensive programme of focussed Careers work, which includes weekly timetabled classes in Year 13 and 14, as well as one-to-one interviews for course choices, at the start of Senior School and for UCAS choices.

A strong pastoral team of the Form Teacher, Prefect Co-ordinator, Senior School Counsellor, Senior School Careers staff and Head of Senior School, work closely with students to provide guidance and support the excellent relationships amongst pupils and staff.


Comprehensive Careers Programme delivered through weekly, hour-long careers classes and workshops and preparing all students for:

  • Year 13 Work Shadowing and Mock Interviews – vital experiences for enhancing employability and further education and university applications

  • Step-by-step guidance through the UCAS process in Year 13 and 14. Students have the opportunity to attend the annual UCAS Careers Convention at the King’s Hall and University of Ulster and QUB University Open Days, as well as subject-specific visits to university departments.

  • Experienced Senior School Careers staff guide pupils through university course selection by means of individual careers interviews

  • Feedback and guidance on UCAS personal statements

  • Study Skills and Health and Life Skills presentations

  • Guidance on Student Finance and other Post-18 issues


Year 13 and 14 induction programmes for all students

Induction programmes prepare students for the transition from GCSE to Post 16 study and Senior School life. The programmes focus on interactive training for becoming a Prefect.

They explain the EMA procedures and give students opportunities to interact with the Senior School Team, preparing them for being organised and ready to take up their Senior School courses. Team building and student input are key elements of the programmes.

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Enrichment Courses

Enrichment courses are built into the Senior School timetable. Business Programmes, Leadership & Mentoring, Digital Photography, Sports Awards and Independent Living allow students to develop their skills base and give students unique experiences to work within and beyond their local community, as well as provide evidence for their interpersonal, communication, leadership and self-management skills.

We ensure that our enrichment programmes count in the students’ final qualifications and all courses are certified under the Level 3 COPE qualifications (equivalent to 70 UCAS points).

Senior School staff also encourage students to partake in other opportunities, such as mentoring, university summer school opportunities, photography exhibitions, coaching qualifications, charity events and programmes run by Northern Ireland Children’s Enterprise ‘Faith and Culture’ OCN Level 2.

The Prefect System

Sixth Form Centre

Senior School, at Belfast Boys’ Model School, allows students the opportunity to become a Prefect in Year 13 and in Year 14, to apply for the Honours position of Senior Prefect, Deputy Head Boy and Head Boy. 

These honours are competitively sought and give students positions of real responsibility in the school. As such, they equip students with key skills and experiences in leadership, in preparation for their Post 18 future.

The Prefect system is very much valued in the life of the Boys’ Model and our Prefects play an integral role in the day-to-day running of the school. Consequently, Senior School students and staff enjoy excellent relationships.

Training for the role is built into Induction for Year 13 and 14 and includes role-plays, team building and activity days, for example with the Marines and Belfast Activity Centre.

Our Senior School Team, led by the Deputies and Head Boy, have specific responsibilities for organising functions, duties, the Common Room and the ever-popular formal. This provides our prefects with invaluable leadership and events management skills and experience.

The Senior School Formal is a special occasion and there is always a stylish turnout from students and staff from both schools. 

The Senior School at Belfast Boys’ Model has teams of staff and students participating in the Belfast Marathon Team Relay event.  This gives students the opportunity to team build, as well as raise money for worthwhile causes. 

Belfast Marathon Team Relay Team

Over our five years in the event, we have raised over £8,000 for charities such as the Northern Ireland Hospice and pupils present these cheques to our chosen charities at our Senior School Prize Day.


Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)

EMA is a fortnightly payment of up to £60 for students who are aged 16-19. A bonus of £100 is also awarded, twice a year, to students who meet the conditions of their Learning Agreement. It is paid directly to students who stay on at school from households with an income of £20,500 or less with one dependent child, or if your household has an income of £22,500 and there is more than one dependent child (2016-17 figure). For more information, see the nidirect website.