Points of Contact

The current Pastoral Care Team are listed below. You can email anyone in the team for support and advice by clicking the email link next to their name.

Designated Teacher

Mrs J McCracken (email)

Deputy Designated Teachers

Mr C Carlisle (email)
Mr J Smith (email)

Heads of Year

Year 8: Mr S Mathers (email)
Year 9: Mr T Doherty (email)
Year 10: Mr N O’Loan (email)
Year 11: Mrs A Best (email)
Year 12: Mr C Carlisle (email)

Head of SENIOR School

Mr S McBride (email)


Year 8: Miss S Carson (email)
Year 9: Miss R Black (email)
Year 10: Mrs C McGorman (email)
Year 11: Mrs L Parra (email)
Year 12: Mrs S Beattie (email)
Years 13 & 14: Mr B Wilson (email)

FSES Coordinator

Mr C Carlisle (email)

Attendance OFFICER

Mrs A Elder (email)