Pupil Attendance

Be in it to win it! The importance of attendance..

The single biggest favour you can do for your child is to send them to school. Every day, on time!


Attendance Facts

Attendance Percentages

90% in a test is a good score, 90% attendance isn’t - it’s the same as having nearly four weeks off in a school year!


17 days of school missed = one GCSE grade dropped (on average)

17 school days missed = 91.1% attendance for the year

34 school days missed = 82.1% attendance for the year



  • 90% attendance means that your child is missing half a day of lessons every week!
  • In a single year this would mean your child has missed four whole weeks
  • Over five years it means that your child has missed half a school year, or one and a half terms!

Every lesson counts.. A GCSE in 9½ days??

They may think they have forever but look at how many hours of lessons they actually have over two years:

French 9 ½ Days     (2 x 45 min lessons per week)

Maths 19 Days        (4 x 45 min lessons per week)

ICT 14 days              (3 x 45 min lessons per week)

They will cover most topics only once in these hours - learning first time around is the key to successful revision and exam results!

Every lesson counts!!

Attendance Officer

Mrs Elder monitors school attendance and works with staff, pupils and parents to maintain high standards. She can be contacted on 028 9039 1156.

Rewarding Good Attendance

Belfast Boys’ Model School implements a comprehensive rewards policy for those pupils who maintain high levels of attendance.

Attendance Certificates

Certificates for pupils with 100% attendance are awarded annually at our awards ceremonies. We also acknowledge those pupils with excellent attendance (98%). Certificates are also presented to pupils who significantly improve their attendance.

Class Rewards

The monthly attendance of each class is monitored and classes with the highest attendance are rewarded with recreational time in the youth suite and breakfast.

Termly Attendance

Classes with the best attendance over a term are rewarded with a 'movie and munch' experience in the assembly hall.

Pupils with 100% Attendance

Spot checks and random draws allow pupils with 100% to receive individual prizes.

Improving Attendance

Termly Attendance Panels monitor and review the attendance of each year group. Incentives and support are provided to pupils who wish to improve their school attendance.

Year Group Counsellor

Each year group counsellor monitors attendance and provides support and guidance, along with the Attendance Officer, to pupils and parents.

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