Pupil Voice

Pupils are encouraged and facilitated to contribute positively to the life of the school through the Student Council, pupil focus groups and online surveys. The Student Council is an elected body of pupils whose purpose is to represent their classes and to be a forum for active and constructive pupil input into the daily life of the school community.

The purpose of the Student Council is:

  • To develop positive attitudes and relationships throughout the whole school

  • To improve school morale

  • To provide a forum for student expression

  • To facilitate pupil input into the whole school decision making policy

Objectives of the Student Council are to:

  • Provide a democratic forum in which students can address school related issues, which affect them

  • Maintain open communication between students and school staff


The student body is led by the Senior Pupil Leadership Team, which is made up of students in Year 14 who are elected as a result of a whole school vote and an interview. These are the Head Boy and the Deputy Head Boys.

Following elections, a councillor and a deputy councillor are elected from each Form Class. The councillor attends monthly meetings and the deputy replaces the councillor in their absence. The councillors role is to represent their class and feedback any information that arises in meetings.

The council is then split into three sub-councils, a junior, middle and senior school council. The Senior Pupil Leadership Team lead the meetings and link with a teacher representative who feeds back to the Teacher's Senior Leadership Team.


The function of the Student Council is to express their views and opinions on a number of issues in school.

The Senior Pupil Leadership Team meets once every week with one of the sub councils. They set an agenda alongside the teacher representative and are responsible for the momentum of the meetings. They focus on four key issues:

  • Pupil welfare

  • School environment

  • Opportunities/experiences

  • Consultations

Minutes are taken during every meeting and sent to the Principal and the SLT teacher responsible for the Student Council. Issues that arise are discussed and feedback is provided to the council.

Once every two months, the Whole Student Council meets to discuss various issues and participate in discussions about issues which affect them.

The Student Council is frequently asked by the Principal, teachers and other agencies such as DENI, to participate in consultations.

The Student Council places information in the newsletter for parents and also provides feedback to the Board of Governors at the end of the year.

The Senior Pupil Leadership Team

The Senior Pupil Leadership Team along with our Prefects system allows pupils to play an important and influential role in school, undertaking responsibilities with regard to pupil wellbeing, charity and school events. These opportunities allow boys to develop their initiative, team work and leadership abilities, as well as problem solving and resilience. 

Pupil Focus Group Surveys

As part of the school’s cycle of self-evaluation and drive for continuous improvement, pupils are invited to give their views on a range of issues including teaching and learning, assessment, school ethos and pastoral care. Pupils' views inform the School Development Plan.