Quality Relationships

Full Service Extended School (FSES)

Belfast Boys’ Model is one of the only two Full Service Extended Schools to be set up in Northern Ireland. This project seeks to:

  • address the wider needs of the child and his family

  • raise expectations and aspirations for success in young people

  • help identify and remove barriers to learning

The FSES provision includes:

  • strategies to promote pupil engagement in learning

  • programmes to strengthen self-esteem and confidence

  • strategies to encourage healthy lifestyles

  • availability of help and advice to parents

  • opportunities for parents to become more involved in the life of the school.

  • support systems for boys who are experiencing difficulties in their lives e.g. specialist counselling and mentoring

a range of support mechanisms (exist) forged from strong, highly developed partnerships with an extensive range of external agencies
— ETI (Jan 2016)