Sixth Form Admissions

Entry Criteria


Grade A*= 8 Points
Grade A = 7 Points
Grade B = 6 Points
Grade C = 5 Points
Grade D = 4 Points
Grade E = 3 Points
Grade F = 2 Points
Grade G = 1 Point

Collect your GCSE results in August and if you have achieved more than 14/24 points and a good behaviour, attendance and punctuality record, you make an appointment on this day for a return to school interview. Parents are required to attend this appointment with you, to be involved in and informed of subject choices, and to sign the Senior School Contract.

We welcome applications for entry into Senior School from students from other schools if:

1. They are able to fulfill the admissions criteria

2. Appropriate places are available within our admission numbers. Year 12 students from Belfast Boys’ Model School and who have met the entry criteria, will have first preference if admissions are oversubscribed.

Students from other schools interested in joining BBMS Senior School, should also make an appointment and bring a copy of their two most recent school reports, as well as a written reference from their previous school, commenting on academic ability, attendance, punctuality, behaviour and any extra curricular involvement. This should be from either a Head of Year and counter signed by VP/ Principal, or written by a VP/Principal. Please bring all qualification certificates and birth certificate to the interview.

Sixth Formers working
Sixth Formers working