The Prefect System

Sixth Form Centre

Senior School, at Belfast Boys’ Model School, allows students the opportunity to become a Prefect in Year 13 and in Year 14, to apply for the Honours position of Senior Prefect, Deputy Head Boy and Head Boy. 

These honours are competitively sought and give students positions of real responsibility in the school. As such, they equip students with key skills and experiences in leadership, in preparation for their Post 18 future.

The Prefect system is very much valued in the life of the Boys’ Model and our Prefects play an integral role in the day-to-day running of the school. Consequently, Senior School students and staff enjoy excellent relationships.

Training for the role is built into Induction for Year 13 and 14 and includes role-plays, team building and activity days, for example with the Marines and Belfast Activity Centre.

Our Senior School Team, led by the Deputies and Head Boy, have specific responsibilities for organising functions, duties, the Common Room and the ever-popular formal. This provides our prefects with invaluable leadership and events management skills and experience.

The Senior School Formal is a special occasion and there is always a stylish turnout from students and staff from both schools. 

The Senior School at Belfast Boys’ Model has teams of staff and students participating in the Belfast Marathon Team Relay event.  This gives students the opportunity to team build, as well as raise money for worthwhile causes. 

Belfast Marathon Team Relay Team

Over our five years in the event, we have raised over £8,000 for charities such as the Northern Ireland Hospice and pupils present these cheques to our chosen charities at our Senior School Prize Day.