Pupil Leadership

Developing leadership capability within our pupils is a key aspect of our work at Belfast Boys’ Model School. Building capacity to provide leadership of peers is done through directed curriculum provision and the pastoral programme.

Senior School pupils develop leadership through a range of activities which include mentoring, sports leadership and coaching, cross community work and European projects as well as Prefect and Senior Pupil Leadership Team. The Senior Pupil Leadership Team along with our Prefects system allows pupils to play an important and influential role in school, undertaking responsibilities with regard to pupil wellbeing, charity and school events. These opportunities allow boys to develop their initiative, team work and leadership abilities, as well as problem solving and resilience. 

Pupils throughout the school are involved in the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors programme, Student Council, First Aider training, CRED projects as well as a variety of curriculum subject areas.

The extensive range of extra-curricular activities also provide opportunities for pupils to develop leadership ability in entrepreneurial enterprises and other recreational activities.

Senior Student Leadership Team, 2019-20