Cavehill Clean Up Big Trek

Year 9 had a great morning on their Cavehill Clean Up Big Trek and pupils and staff throughly enjoyed learning outdoors. Before the pupils left, they had an insight session into the impact of litter on our community and the environment in which we live and beyond.  The School Council will take ideas and projects forward to help us reduce, reuse and recycle towards a more sustainable and less wasteful future, whilst helping keep our school and wider community looking tidy. Voting has started for the formation of our Eco Committee.

The Trek also gave pupils opportunities to develop their employability skills of leadership, teamwork, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication and pupils recorded these on their return. 

Year 9 class winners were 9Lc and 9Ow.  Litter picker prizes will also be distributed after half-term and all litter picker names and class winners will be published after Year 8's turn tomorrow.

Great work and team spirit boys!