Each Year Group has their own dedicated Counsellor:

  • Year 8 Counsellor is Miss Carson

  • Year 13 & 14 Counsellor is Mr Wilson

  • Other year groups (Year 9 – Year 12) have the same Counsellor as they progress through the school

Mrs Blair is designated teacher for Child Protection and Head of Counselling. All Counsellors are teachers who have qualifications in counselling young people.


Each Year Counsellor has dedicated time daily to work with pupils either on an individual or group basis.

Boys are encouraged to self-refer (Mrs Blair speaks about this during the P7 parents night) but also parents/friends can refer if they think a boy has concerns or worries. 

Teachers frequently refer if they notice that there is a change in the pupil's appearance, attitude or work rate.

Counsellors have a high profile within the Year Group – they call into Form Classes each day and regularly speak in Assemblies.

In addition to individual and small group counselling, the Counselling Department also provides additional activities for whole year groups. These activities address issues which young people experience. Many outside agencies support the work of the Counselling Department including Replay Theatre Society, PIPS, Samaritans, AWARE, Achieve NI and Lighthouse.

Anti-Bullying Week takes place each year in November – the whole school takes part in this important initiative. Various Departments also contribute, for example, writing a diary entry in English, designing anti-bullying posters in Art & ICT.