Inspirational Donation

For the past two years Senior School pupils, collectively known as the “MindSight Group”, have been working closely with the mental health and disability charity, Inspire Wellbeing. “MindSight” originally began as part of the cross community Young Enterprise - Company Programme. Some of the pupils then went on to set up as an official company, registered with Companies House. Together “MindSight” and the Belfast Boys’ Model School have hosted a number of Bake Sales and charity events to raise money for Inspire and their campaign “Change Your Mind”.  In total we have raised £528.00.

Inspire recently attended our school to accept our donation and detail how the money will be spent. Inspire, Change Your Mind, MindSight and the Belfast Boys’ Model School would like to thank all of the parents, guardians, pupils, staff and members of the community who donated. Your money will make a real difference to Inspire’s service users and development.

You can find out more about Inspire Wellbeing by clicking on the link:

BBMS + MS donation.png